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One-to-One Consultation

An in-depth assessment in the form of a consultation. Aims to collaboratively identify goals & provide recommendations for on-going therapy.

£65/ Session



12 sessions of weekly therapy, structured to focus on one persistent & prevalent issue impacting daily life.


Unsure if this is right for you?

12 sessions

£80/ Session

Now £65/ Session

In-Depth Psychotherapy

A tailored integration of therapies to support addressing  deep rooted challenges. Open-ended weekly therapy.


What does this involve?

Unlimited sessions

£80/ Session

Now £65/ Session

EMDR Therapy

Specialised therapy for "stuck" beliefs and feelings, chronic pain, phobias, trauma & more. Short-term is minimum 12 sessions.


How is EMDR different to other talking therapies?

12 sessions minimum

£95/ Session

Now £65/ Session

EMDR & Psychotherapy

Open-ended therapy. A combination of EMDR and our tailored integration of psychotherapy to support deep transformational change.


What are the benefits of this combination?

Unlimited sessions


£110/ Session

All discounts until 1st July 2024

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