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ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is much more than a diagnosis or a label.

To have ADHD is to have a brain & nervous system with different sensitivities, needs and ways of flowing & functioning, which shape our experiences and perspectives.


While often associated with high energy, creativity & spontaneity, exhaustion, conflict & intense emotions, its impact extends far beyond these traits, particularly for women whose journeys with ADHD are often late-diagnosed or misunderstood.

For women, ADHD can be a silent companion, overshadowed by societal expectations and internalised pressures. Many become masters of adaptation, skilled at masking any challenges behind a veil of competence. Yet, behind closed doors, the reality unfolds—a constant balancing act of managing commitments, a tired body longing for rest, and a wired mind that often refuses to stand still.

ADHD touches every aspect of life, from education to relationships, careers to self-esteem. It's juggling multiple roles while internally yearning for a sense of ease and simplicity. It can often feel like a struggle to navigate a world that often feels out of sync with the rhythm of the ADHD nervous system. But within this complexity lies an opportunity—an invitation to creatively embrace difference and rewrite the narrative of life with ADHD.

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A diagnosis of a life-long neurodevelopmental condition, that impacts all areas of life and wellbeing.

We get it...

How Can Therapy Help?

Living with ADHD means riding the rollercoaster of emotions. That constant feeling of not being good enough, the frustration of never quite meeting expectations—it's like a frequent storm cloud forming, expanding and fogging over the mind.

But here's the thing: there's a way through. Having a safe space to speak with someone who understands what daily life is like; no judgment, no shame, just connection. In working together, and finding out more about how the ADHD brain and nervous system flows, its possible to find new ways of living that better suit the natural rhythm of life. 

One of the first steps? Adjusting those sky-high expectations that all people tend to set for themselves and others. The ones that make us feel like we're always falling short. It helps to see that it's okay not to be perfect, that self-acceptance is the real game-changer.

Speaking of self-acceptance, self-compassion plays a fundamental part. We know that that's where the magic happens. Learning how to treat ourselves with kindness and understanding, just like we would a friend in need. It's about giving ourselves permission to be as we are, to play and be creative. No one experiences life in the same way as anyone else, so why do we need to live our lives like anyone else does? There's real freedom and relief in stepping away from expectations and the "shoulds" that we are constantly exposed to, and stepping towards our full potential with grounded authenticity. Who made all of these arbitrary rules to live by anyway?

And let's not forget about exploring the present and past experiences of life—the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that shape reality. It's this self-awareness that helps develop an understanding of what are the most difficult things being faced right now and to rewrite the stories that keep repeating in relationships and our habits.

Therapy can offer practical skills and hacks, information about ADHD, support in seeking as assessment for diagnosis, and a tailored approach to support any financial, nutritional, wellbeing, relationship, or employment struggles that may be experienced. 

We're also here to help you navigate that lingering feeling of  "I'm not good enough". Some feelings and beliefs just can't be argued with in normal talking therapy. And we know the ADHD brain and nervous system can really benefit from different approaches like EMDR to help shift those feelings that feel stuck. 


  • ADHD Group Coaching

  • Late Diagnosed Ladies Group

  • Step-by-step support in seeking formal assessment

  • Podcast about ADHD, created by therapists with ADHD

  • Tailored instagram page of free resources 


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