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Let's Figure This Out Together



We hope that our prompts & resources provide some support in beginning your journey.

But if you are still unsure of what you need or how best to meet that need, we offer a specialist in-depth consultation, to help you find your way. Our One-to-One Consultation is designed to support you gain awareness and insight into your challenges, and know where to go from there.

With over a decade of experience working in the community and in-patient mental health services, each member of our team has first-hand experience in supporting others in establishing their goals for therapy, and creating therapy plans to meet those goals. Our team of therapists & practitioners have their own specialisms and skillsets, and we also have access to our network of trusted therapists across the UK that we can refer you to.

Our blend of expertise ensures personalised support tailored to your unique journey.

 This service will equip you with:


A collaborative process between you & your therapist, tike

creating a jigsaw together.  The therapist offers their knowledge of psychological theory and practice, to help make sense of your expert knowledge of your own life and experiences.

A formulation shows a clearer picture of your experiences, challenges and current ways of coping, so can decide what to do next.


Generally, the goals of psychotherapy are to gain relief from challenges, maintain or enhance daily functioning, and improve quality of life.

Following on from your formulation, we will support you to specially identify where you like to make changes, and what those changes will involve.

We pay attention to your preferences, and the ways in which you you feel best supported.


At the end of this in-depth consultation, and once we have established your therapy goals that feel right to you, we will develop a therapy plan tailored to meet your needs.

This can include recommendations for specific types of therapy, certain therapeutic approaches that may suit you, and wherever possible we will connect you to members of our therapy network that fill these criteria.

Sound like a good place to start?

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