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It all starts with

a phone call...


All sessions begin here: a free 30 minute consultation with one of the Team at Alinea Therapies. From here we can support the beginning of your journey and answer any questions you may have.

Choose a time from our booking system below, or email us to find a time that suits you.

Initial Assessment

Online Only

A single session of 50 minutes duration with a psychotherapist to speak about your wants and needs for therapeutic support.






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Online Only

Weekly sessions, usually of 50 minutes duration, with a psychotherapist online 








Online Only

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing Therapy.

Weekly sessions, usually of 50 minutes duration, with an EMDR Therapist or Consultant online via video chat.

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Career Coaching:

Guidance and advice for future counsellors Psychotherapists & Psychologists, by qualified professionals who have obtained these roles.





Explore further...

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Breathwork & Cold Exposure

Transformative and immersive experiences. Surprise yourself, meet others who are likeminded in seeking healing, self-awareness and connection.

Birmingham, UK.

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Book Club

Follow us on instagram so find out more about our Book Club starting this Summer.

Make your requests and recommendations for books and topics below:

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Honey Pots

Pay-It Forward 

A place to donate and put some goodness and love into the world.

Find cause that speaks to you, or see if you could benefit from being uplifted by those who care.


Online audio guides, tools and resources to support nervous system regulation and somatic integration.

Log-in or become a member at the top left of the page.

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Coming Soon...

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Somatic Experiencing

Working with the body to process emotions and memories stored in the body.

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UK Cold Water Retreats

Join us in various locations across the UK to experience how exposure to cold water can be beneficial to our minds, bodies and our healing.

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Talks with guest speakers, fellow practitioners of our trusted network, and our own team members.

Prepare for some real honest and authentic moments of connection, finding out what its like in the therapist's seat

UK Breathwork Retreats

Group and individual sessions concentrating on the impact and health of the breath.

Healing Therapy
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