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Frequently Asked Questions

You Ask - We Answer

How long is a therapy session?

We work in accordance with the 'therapeutic hour', meaning that each session is 50 minutes in duration.

We warmly suggest that each client spend some time before each session preparing, and some time after each session processing. This can be done through journalling, having an internal check-in and check-out or simply resting in a quiet space. 

What is invovled in an initial assessment?

Initial assessments usually take place in one session, which can be a little longer than the therapeutic hour (50 minutes). A clinician will speak with you to gain brief and broad understanding of what you'd like to gain from therapy, your personal history and current personal circumstances. We also need to document where you are currently registered with your GP, any medications you are prescribed, relevant information regarding your medical history and we conduct a risk assessment to gage that we are able to address your needs appropriately. We do not go into depth of any particular topic in these initial assessments, and we offer these sessions as a way to see both clinician and client feel that there is a good basis to begin working. For more information, please get in touch.

What safety precautions do you take against Covid-19?

We are currently offering online or telephone counselling only due to the on-going risks of Covid-19. Therapists hold the right to offer face-to-face sessions when they feel able to do so given the current climate and advice from the Government. On-going discussions regarding virtual therapy take place between therapist and client.

Are there any concession rates available?

We currently offer a student discount at £40 per session once documentation of student status has been provided. Presently we do offer income-based costs for sessions, but we are aiming to offer this service in the future.

How are payments made?

We currently only accept bank transfer, and we request payment 1 week in advance of the session.

Our cancellation policy requires 48 hours notice prior to the session, and payment is carried forward to the following session or a full refund is issued should sessions no longer continue.

If a session is cancelled within the 48 hours prior the scheduled time, the circumstances of refund would be discussed in therapy.

If a session is missed by a client without communication to Alinea Therapy, a refund will not be issued.

How is my confidentiality and data kept safe?

We follow current guidelines for data protection and GDPR. We follow the UKCP code of ethics for matters pertaining to confidentiality.

For further details please get in touch.

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